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About Us
Who We Are

About the Organics Recycling Association of Ohio...


The Organics Recycling Association of Ohio is a nonprofit organization that believes by educating ourselves and others, by sharing information, cooperating to solve problems, and making our voice heard, we can bring about positive changes throughout the composting and organics recycling industry. Organics recycling is a cost effective solid waste management technique that produces a valuable product. Our goal is to enhance the development of the organics recycling industry and to encourage further research and advancement of an environmentally sound industry and compost quality standards. We provide a forum to:

  • Network with private and public organizations. 
  • Positively influence organics recycling efforts.
  • Add value to organic recyclable material. 
  • Make your voice heard. 
  • Create demand for compost and organic recycled products. 

Members receive discounts for each employee in their organization to attend the OSU/OARDC Operator Education Course and the ORAO Annual Conference. Our broad-based coalition includes public and private compost producers and users, manure management operators, industry consultants, local governmental agencies, solid waste management districts or authorities, health departments, schools and universities, and nonprofit organizations.

ORAO Board Members

         FRANK LUGENBEEL - President                                                                           NANCY HUGHES
         Paygro, A Division of Garick                                                                                   Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

         JASON ZISS - Vice President                                                                                 SHARON BARNES    

         Kurtz Bros., Inc.                                                                                                        Barnes Nursery, Inc. 

         MARCIE KRESS - Treasurer                                                                                   BILL ROSBY    
         Summit Reworks (SASWMA)                                                                                  Rosby Resource Recovery 


         STEVEN L. MACK - Secretary                                                                                KEITH A. BAILEY
         Ohio University Facilities Management                                                               Lorain Co Solid Waste Management District 


         BART MORR - Immediate Past President                                                          NATHAN ANDRE 
         Paradise Composting                                                                                             Organic Nutrient Recovery/Andre Farms 


         Jim Skora                                                                                                                  Dr. FRED MICHEL 

         GT Environmental                                                                                                    OSU / OARDC


Ex-officio Members


        MARY WICKS

        OCAMM Program Coordinator, OSU / OARDC



        Office of Compliance and Pollution Prevention, Ohio EPA